Randall Children’s Hospital

Healing Trees     

Open Eye Art custom designed and painted 6 large panels with a series of Aspen trees that climb several stories and serve as a comfort to the parents and patients who look a little closer at the artwork. Nurses, doctors and staff of the hospital wrote in the “scars” of the trees their healing advice, encouragement, names of past patients that had touched them in a profound way.  It is a very moving piece to experience in person. 



Doodle Panel

Ruby’s headquarters’ move to the Fox Tower was celebrated in this interactive doodle panel installation, designed to include meaningful icons, value s and playful midcentury motifs that help make Ruby’s culture unique.  Employees continue to collaborate to create the art.  Open Eye Art will finish the art piece for permanent display when they have completed their coloring.


Capital Pacific Bank

Board Room Symbol Art

In addition to conducting a fun collaborative art encounter with the employees at Capital Pacific Bank we also created some fun elements in their hallways, conference room and lobby. We love bringing our creativity into all aspects of the work place and created gilded symbols representing the values of this bank for their boardroom, celebrating their 10 year anniversary.  


Piano Push Play


This incredible organization places pianos outside for all to step up and play. We chose to hand gild an old donated Rembrandt upright piano with gold so it would catch the glistening sun light as it sat on the streets of Portland.  Because it sat out in an urban environment we felt it needed a garden of its own so we chose to gild northwest plants and flowers as though they were growing under and along side the piano. Our second piano is a giant raccoon that has been one of Portland’s favorites. Music has a way of expressing our emotions with greater depth than our words can.  The Hans Christian Anderson quote, “Where words fail, music speaks seemed a perfect addition to the face of the piano.