Bling Dental

Play sign 

Dr. Katie Ball asked us to help her find a way to recreate her tiny staff lounge into an oasis of calm, comfort and functionality.  We designed custom cabinets, seating and added several playful artistic touches to the room.


Custom 6’ reminder to have more fun….

Custom 6’ reminder to have more fun….


Legendary WoW Story Write on Boards 

Ruby Receptionist invites their employees to share their inspiring “Best Stories” client stories with each other via these interactive write on art panels.  We painted three Ruby’s in comic book style on 42” x 42” panels with thought bubbles allowing stories to be written on glass and easily refreshed in this custom installation.

Legendary Wow Stories copy.jpg


WoWism entry display Art 

Ruby receptionist asked us to create a wall installation that communicated their WoW philosophy and values.  We designed and made a lighted cubicle display in their colors that highlights the many gifts they empower their employees to give to clients and the value statements that they embrace, as well as their mission statement.  The playful, colorful wall speaks volumes of their uniquely personal and caring client service.  

    University of Oregon

Wheat Paste Wall Mural

When the University of Oregon created their Sports Product Management program we were asked to add authentic, creative elements to their space, in addition to a creative workshop with students.  We created unique write on boards, signage and wheat paste murals in their offices, as well as a unique fabric library.