Legacy Hospital & Randall Children's Hospital

Employee Transition Art Project with the Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel

December 2011

150 employees collaborated to create 30 works of art for the new Randall Children's Hospital.  We led 10 team building/transitionworkshops over a period of two days.  

Oregonian Article here


TiE Westside Incubator Space

Oregonlive.com Article here


October 2011

Designed and created a unique interactive lounge for entrepreneurs.  Portland Business Journal Article here


Lincoln High School's Art Beat Event


May 2011

Open to kids and neighbors in the SW Portland
school district.

Fast paced fun evening where the kids
created a large collaborative mixed media mural with
an African Animal theme.

 May 2012

Asian themed evening where the students gathered

to paint a collaborative work of art for the new Oregon College of 

Oriental Medicine.  The piece is called "The Art of Healing". Here


Collaborative Art Encounters:  

Exquisite Corpse March 2011 at the Canvas Art Bar


Water Paint Jam  January 2011 at the Canvas Art Bar