Build these skills:
o    Shared Vision
o    Teamwork and Collaboration
o    Embracing new Ideas
o    Rebooting creativity

Ideal for:
o    Newly formed teams or established teams to share ideas
o    Strategic planning sessions
o    Promoting cultural understanding        

Group size: 12 to 100                            Time: 4  hours
Space: Indoor or outdoor, water access    Cost per individual: Starting at $150

This is an energizing team project that gives insight into different perspectives and promotes a shared vision.  The group will learn about the Buddhist practice of a wishing tree, recent tributes including MoMA’s wishing tree and “the peace project”. 

Participants will learn the art of writing haiku, teaching them brevity and clarity in creating a vision.  Working both as individuals and in small teams each person creates Japanese ink spirit prints with a process called suminagashi.    Working individually they will together create a colorful sculpture “tree” encompassing the intentions of all team members. 

Yoko Ono's Wishing Tree

Team members will consider and embrace each others “wishes,” creating a new shared understanding of a common vision.  The final project is a beautiful sculpture which can be placed in the work environment as a reminder of the teams goals. The wishing tree can continue to be utilized and updated, a sort of living sculpture.