"In this busy world we live in, this was a great break and a lot of fun.  Awesome business you have."

Tim Parker -Vice President Melvin Mark Companies

"Staff are still  talking about the project.  What a pleasure to work with you both.  Thank you so much for your help in making the staff feel a part of the new facility and recognizing their ties to the current one"

Carla Harris- Chief Administrative Officer of the Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel


"We needed help with the "big idea". How to celebrate the Capital Pacific Bank 10 year anniversary, and of coarse no other name was suggested before,during or after your name came up.  Thank you, not just your brilliance as an artist, but also helping us put the real meaning of community in the bank's work".

Karen Whitman- Founding Capital Pacific Bank Board member and President and Pricipal of Karen Whitman Projects.

 "I was a little nervous to participate in the art workshop as I do not find myself to be a very artistic person.  Open Eye Art made me feel very comfortable and helped us to be creative in a fun and  non-intimidating workshop. It was a great break from my desk!"

Kayla Lebechuck participant from Ruby Receptionists

“What a nice way to end a hard shift. Very therapeutic.” ... “I feel honored to be part of this.”

workshop participants from the Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel


 "The success of an art experience is largely due to the leaders choosing activities and materials which have beautiful results.  Juliet and Jenny know how to choose the lessons which turn out wonderfully!"

Deborah Waksman retired teacher

“I channeled my inner childlike fisherman, which are the best memories of my dad.”  

workshop participant from the Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel

“It was like playing marbles, a childhood memory.”  

workshop participant from the Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel


"What a wonderful team-building experience.  Definitely pushed the team out of comfort zone, and helped create a level playing field where we could all let our guard down."

Nate James corporate team retreat participant

“Relaxing. I never believed in art therapy before, but I do now. Coming down from stress is great.”

workshop participant from the Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel


 "Juliet and Jenny are awesome!  This workshop was one of creativity, collaboration and friendship.  Our projects were very meaningful in many ways, artistically, spiritually and educationally. I would recommend Open Eye Art for the professional artist, business person and everyone inbetween"

Michelle Sosinski Executive and career coach

“What an eye opening experience for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.” 

Hong Mautz, Chinus Cultural Productions Inc.

"Creativity is present in every brain.  This experience proves that point and gently nudges self confidence along the way" 

Karen Whitman, Karen Whitman Projects

“A personal and professional creativity workshop, without the intimidation.” 

Faye Yoshihara, Forest Fractal LLC

“A creative brainstorm session that made good ideas come easily.  Literally exercised the right brain up front in the session to maximize creativity later in the session.”

Lauren Holden Kilbane, freelance writer, strategist, marketer


"Thank you for teaching people to open their eyes!"

Jonah Lehrer - author of Imagine-How Creativity Works

“A creativity workshop using art to step outside your box, open up yourself to seeing new perspectives, breaking the rules, to free your mind to exploration.” 

Dana Petrusich

 “I  loved all of it!  …it's a flexible, mobile concept.   Great for  free lancers to enjoy the benefits of an off-site, also as a warm-up to a corporate off-site.  Removes the shackles of routine/everyday expectation.” 

workshop participant


"It was a great experience to spend an afternoon with an interesting mix of women/people discussing creativity and creating as we did so. I left feeling energized, positive and motivated to dive into my next project."  

Ashley Kaiser MacEachern, children's book writer and film maker

 "As Mother Teresa said, "We can do no great things, only small things with great love." You both do a wonderful job inspiring passion to create 'with great love'"

Bev Ecker, artist/teacher


"I have looked at life with a whole new creative 'open eye'.  I take new paths and enjoy new experiences because I am more aware."

Linda Andrews