Build these skills:
o    Shared Vision
o    Embracing new Ideas
o    Connecting with Nature
o    Rebooting creativity

Ideal for:
o    Newly formed teams/new office space
o    Design collaboration               
o    Cultural Understanding
o    Providing Art for the workplace

Group size:
3 to 30                           

Time: 4  to 8 hours

Space: flexible with outdoor access    

Cost per individual:  Starts at $300

     This is a fascinating way to get a group out and into nature.  This experience will fine tune individual’s ability to find “symbols” everywhere, especially in a NW forest. They will create a series of familiar, ancient and corporate cultural symbols. Each person will discover their own “symbol and take this new found knowledge and apply it to a tactile project that involves rock and gold leaf. They will learn the fundamentals of gold gilding, handling the paper thin sheets of gold as well expressing themselves in the most ancient of forms. This experience allows individuals to wander through beautiful landscapes, work with new art mediums and create something beautiful, earthy and ancient. They gild their creativity by using all 5 senses.  The group can create unique individual works of art or “tiles” for a larger project. These finished tiles can be hung or combined in an outdoor or indoor space to form a wall or even a pathway serving as an environmental reminder of their afternoon spent with nature.


What better way to get back to the roots of man than by working with ancient symbols, burnished gold and  rock borrowed from the earth?