Build these skills:
o    Problem solving
o    Embracing new Ideas
o    Giving effective feedback
o    Collaboration/team building

Ideal for:
o    Newly formed teams               
o    Sustainability thinking
o    Design collaboration                

Group size: 12 to 30                      Time: 4 hours  
Space: flexible, access to water        Cost per individual:  Starting at $150

This is an energizing experience exploring the creative process of pouring and painting in acrylics on canvas.  Small teams will work together on a concept to consider and represent.  Through the process of pouring and painting they will need to visualize a goal, be able to adapt to problems that emerge creating innovative solutions and learn to take their painting to the next level.  Participants will also be exposed to many eye opening facts, myths and wonders all surrounding the element they are painting. 


This is an energizing, interactive process that gets everyone creatively collaborating.  This painting exploration is a perfect way to introduce a new way of looking at a problem.  It encourages each team member to find effective ways for implementing change and offering feedback.  No painting or drawing experience is necessary to achieve an effective art piece and experience. Ideal for a large collaborative piece for your work environment.   
Theme can be customized to be relevant to client needs.