Everyone is born an artist

Sometimes we just need to bring our right brain back into balance with our left brain so we can open our eyes to our own creativity.

Be a beginner

Beginners don’t know all the rules, what not to do, how to be safe.  Beginners try, fail and try again.

Use all Senses

Our senses -Taste, Touch, Smell, Hearing and Sight use both our right and left brain, they inspire us in unseen ways.


Play is energizing, it fosters collaboration, helps us explore new ideas, and is healthy for our mind and body.


Experimenting with new materials, techniques and divergent ideas can birth new solutions and bring about innovation.

Do Art

We believe in hands on creating, acting upon inspiration, working out new solutions, perfecting your idea.

Embrace Curiosity & Imagination

We believe in exploring, learning and finding inspiration every day.  An inquiring mind is better prepared for the future.