Randall Children’s Hospital Transition art project –OEA 2012Collaborative Office Art

Create an amazing and meaningful work of art for your office to serve as a lasting reminder of the skills involved in collaboration.

Specializing in team building and transitions.






Donated art to Oregon Community Foundation - OEA 2012

Create and Donate

A fun way for a group to engage in team building and produce something for your favorite charity auction or philanthropy office.





TiE Incubator space OEA 2012Creative Incubator Design

An inspiring place to collaborate, innovate and form new ideas.





Office art party-OEA 2011Parties and Personal Events

Board retreats, showers, retirement parties and client events.

A memorable event where the honoree ends up with a meaningful and fun gift from the group’s creative collaboration.




“EC Workshop” art collaborationOpen Public Workshops

Individual 4 hour workshops where everyone engages in new creative skills while networking with other professionals from the Portland area.

See our website for the next open workshop.






OEA String art 2012Events, Creativity Tables & Booths

A memorable way to “take home” an
idea. Hands on creativity booth for 12

to 1200!