Build these skills:
o     Innovation, Reinvention
o     Cultural understanding
o     Creating a vision

Ideal for:
o     Clients in transition
o     Design or innovation teams
o     Teams working on a theme, needing to reinvent their company   

Group size: 6 to 30                                 Time: 4  hours
Space: Indoor or outdoor, tables               Cost per individual: Starting at $150

This is a unique project that gives each person the opportunity to reinvent themselves or their idea of what can be. 

Participants will learn about Shinto and Zen philosophy as well as the traditional art of making kokeshi dolls.   They will be challenged to use this information to reinvent themselves.  Working in small teams participants will develop themes, create a vision and invent “people” that represent their new direction. 

Each person will have an opportunity to use their imagination to create a new “person” to bring that vision to life.  They will embellish traditional and not so traditional hand crafted Northwest wood forms created by a local master wood turner.  There will be an opportunity to share their new vision with the group.  They will leave with a kokeshi  ‘totem’ for change,  bringing forth their good fortune!  (No experience necessary.)