Custom designed “Idea Room” and “Idea Incubator Labs”

Have us come in and help you set up the perfect space for your team. We can create a temporary “innovation space” or a permanent one based on your project needs and company culture.

Benefits of  creative “Idea Rooms” :

o      Easier recruitment

o      Increased employee collaboration           

o      Elevated creativity  

o      A place for teams to meet and innovate

We will work with any budget.  We can work with your existing furnishings and design low cost solutions or we can facilitate custom installations with a variety of local and national artists and designers to create your own unique  “idea incubator lab”, complete with raw materials and tools.

There are  direct benefits to building a designated "idea room".  The best employees are attracted to the companies that take a flexible and innovative approach to work and collaboration.  Great ideas take time, imagination and sharing. Give them an interactive room  with the tools and the comfort to explore new ideas.  Happy and appreciative employees are productive and loyal employees. One of the greatest benefits of investing in an "idea incubator lab"  is it will put the "PLAY" back in work.