Build these skills:

o   Shared Vision
o   Embracing new Ideas
o   Team building

Ideal for:
o   Newly formed teams
o  Design collaboration

Group size: 3 to 30                           Time: 4 hours

Space: 3 per table                             Cost per individual: $150

This was a favorite surrealist game from the mid 20’s.  It involves three or four individuals per team. Each adds a drawing or a collage element without seeing what the others have done. 

The finished piece is a whole person from 3 different perspectives and styles. Each person is only given “enough “ information in which to create their section. The exciting part comes in the “unfolding”. 

The results tend to be very subconscious and revealing for everyone.  The whole creative process is  very lively, noisey, mysterious and collaborative.  We will provide the know-how the and an amazing array of art materials. The final creations can be displayed in a  captivating group show.

Agnes de Bethune, Alaine Becker, Leah Toamaino // Graphite, collage, watercolor, chalk, pastel, fiber, and acrylic