Just out of the studio

We just finished our Raccoon Piano for the upcoming Piano Push! Play! event at the Portland Art Museum Courtyard being held on June 30th.

How perfect is a Raccoon for this amazing wild city?  We thought she would look great in a forested park or be a refreshing site on one of Portland's busy urban corners.  We think kids will love this piano as much as we adults do.We get such a kick out of seeing our piano being played in the most unexpected spaces. We had a blast painting it. We spent the last couple weeks painting every hair! When the piano lid is closed it does something we all wish we could do more often. You will have to see it in person to find out. 

Take a peek at the back quote.  "Listen to be heard" something we all need to keep in mind during these  challenging times. There is a reason we were born with two ears and only one mouth. 

Get out and enjoy the spontaineous concerts this summer around town. If you happen to see  this Raccoon around town , please snap a photo for us and post it on instagram #Portland's Raccoon.



Photo by Sue Kieth



We are busy working on a new concept that will "blow" you away.  More to come when we work out the details of a new performance style art installation.


Here is a image of the beautiful Vespa that was donated by Vespa Portland  and painted by Jennifer Mark for the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Auction.

Neurons were the inspriration for the hand painting. What creativity looks like in our brains and on this Vespa!


ATC auto body clear coated         Art by Jennifer Winship Mark