Build these skills:
o    Innovation
o    Autonomy                                             
o    Embracing new Ideas
o    System redesign

Ideal for:
o    newly formed teams              
o    ideation
o    Design collaboration               
o    bringing in new ideas and energy

Group size: 1 to 30 (even a whole company)    

Time: 8 hours (4 consecutive weeks)

Space: flexible                                                

Cost per individual: Starting at $150

In this experience we explore the different ways to “turn on” creativity and innovative thinking.  We spend the morning on some of the basic skills of presenting new ideas  verbally  and visually through drawing and storytelling. After the initial 2 hour exploration the participants are released to work on their “pet projects” for the remainder of the work day. The same day each week, for 3 consecutive weeks they cultivate their ideas. On the 4th week the group gathers in an informal lunch or evening “Party” in order to present their break through ideas and curious findings to one another. Timage credit: wired.comhey will get the chance to use their newly honed storytelling, idea generating and drawing skills.  Many innovative companies across the world use this form of “cultivated innovation”. For companies such as Google, Starbucks and Pixar, this and similar practices have lead to break through changes and innovations in multiple aspects of their companies.