Custom Collaboration Office Art 

Acrylic on canvas– a team of 4 created each bug and Open Eye Art finished each silhouette     

Build these skills:                

o     Shared Vision and Pride in Work

o     Teamwork and Collaboration

o     Embracing new Ideas

o     Rebooting creativity

Ideal for:

o     Newly formed teams or established teams to share ideas

o     Transitions and moves to new office space

o     Improving team communication/dynamics


Group size: 12 to 100                                Time: 4 hours

Space: Indoor/depends on project          

Cost per individual: Starting at $150 *


This project builds team collaboration, improves communication and promotes a shared vision, while creating lasting professional quality art work. Each project will be specifically designed for the needs of the team and your office/work space.   Our team sets up a mobile studio at your business or close by and your staff gets the opportunity to be playful artists again.  They will enjoy the challenge of embracing  each other’s vision by  collaborating and co-creating. The finished art piece will include the ‘embedded intentions” of participants, serving as a constant reminder of their creative strategies for working together. The piece will be professionally finished and ready for installation.   Your  employees get the chance to innovate together in a whole new way. Best of all, your office gets the perfect custom size art work that fits the décor and sensibilities of your office along with  the unique ideals of your company .


*Costs will vary based on materials and finished art piece