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Here are some of the Open Eye workshops we offer:

Cultivate Your Garden

Custom Collaboration Office Art

Custom Designed- Idea Room/Incubator Labs 

Exquisite Corpse

Kokeshi Totem for Change

Leonardo's Secret

Pouring Power

Symbols on Slate

Water* {An Interactive Paint Jam}

Wishing Tree


We welcome collaboration with professional coaches and facilitators.  We also conduct creative field trips. 

“Eye Openers” are great for: 

Team building and collaborative art                    
New product ideas           
Board retreats
Training  and transition programs           
Non-Profit events               
Career transitions           
Re-booting creativity           
Personal celebrations
Lunch time series           
Creative field trips        


Open Eye Art blends inspiring intuitive exercises with hands on creative art projects to generate breakthrough ideas and develop problem solving skills
In today’s changing global marketplace everyone needs the ability to learn, adapt, innovate and create regardless of your type of work.  We have researched and developed a practice that increases your ability to generate new ideas and find innovative solutions.  Our approach does not use a white board and sticky notes – every participant plunges into the creative process.  There is individual and group work, a necessary flow of quiet focus, individual inspiration, noisy collaboration and group celebration.  

Flexible, Mobile & Tailored to your Needs
Sign up for an existing event or we will design our eye openers specifically for your group.  We are able to transform your space or suggest a creative space from our extensive knowledge of unique locations here and around the world.  We provide all materials needed.  We tailor the event to what you need and your budget. For more information, see our pricing. 

Intensive, Fast Paced & Energizing
We are two professionals with diverse art, marketing and business experience.
We have half day, full day and 2 day sessions.  We make it fun, energizing and have proven results.   

We have a passionate belief that developing our ability to be creative problem solvers is the most important tool for our future.

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